effusively or insincerely emotional

a bathetic novel


maudlin expressions of sympathy


mushy effusiveness


a schmaltzy song


sentimental soap operas


slushy poetry

drippy, ↑hokey, ↑maudlin, ↑mawkish, ↑kitschy, ↑mushy, ↑schmaltzy, ↑schmalzy, ↑sentimental, ↑soppy, ↑soupy, ↑slushy
Similar to: ↑emotional
Derivationally related forms: ↑sentiment (for: ↑sentimental), ↑sentimentality (for: ↑sentimental), ↑mushiness (for: ↑mushy), ↑mawkishness (for: ↑mawkish), ↑drippiness (for: ↑drippy)

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